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 1   Community dining hall. Still requires kitchen
 2   New boys home.
 3   Current girls home.




 4   Three classes at the old Good Shepherd
 5   Outside girls home
 6   Always a smile






 7   Morning discussion
 8   Building boys home in mud brick
 9   Younger children enjoying program





10  Home work every night
11  Checking out the produce
12  Painting a safety banner







13  Younger children going to school
14  Once friends, now dinner
15  Viewing photos on volunteers camera




16  Having fun
17  Cooking rice for day
18  Quality time







19  Small goat big smile
20  First school uniform
21  So much laughter







22  Enjoying dance program
23  No play equipment, we can make our own
24  Posing for the camera 





25  Building the road by hand
26  Very hard work
27  Class room at new Good Shepherd






28  Karate lessons, now stopped due to lack of funds
29  Dance lessons, also stopped for now
30  Building a path to new Good Shepherd




31  Play time
32  Dinner
33  Some of our youngest





34  Family health care
35  Best clothes for first day of high school
36  One day I will have my own bed


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Our Home Community is a grass-roots organisation established by a local Keralan, Chacko K Mathew, which provides a safe and loving family environment for approximately 40 orphans and homeless children in Southern India.

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