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A Visit to Our Home Community | May 2013

Warren and I are supporters of Our Home and while on a recent visit to India we paid a short visit to Our Home in Kerala.What a wonderful experience to finally see the incredible work done by Chacko at Our Home!Its been quite a few years since we've visited India although I ( Lynne ) grew up there and went to school in the Nilgiri Hills, not that far from Kalpetta.

We visited Our Home for a short one day visit and were greeted by a very amiable Chacko in Kalpetta who directed us to the Our Home Community in the hills just outside Kalpetta. It was late afternoon and the children didn't know we were coming.

It was a delight to be greeted by obviously happy, contented and loving kids who just wanted to say hello and get close to us. Quite humbling really! Chacko showed us around Our Home and the children just wanted to stay with us. It was obvious to Warren and I that they were well cared for and loved. They all have such wonderful smiles and were playful and talkative.

We were really impressed with the achievements of building the school and getting the Boy's Dorm up and functioning. The land has been cleared for the new Girl's Dorm which will no doubt be starting soon. Chacko has had an area cleared ready for construction of a quest house.

We talked with a German couple from Stuttgart who are staying at Our Home and helping the teachers with some Montessori teaching methods and it was interesting listening to their thoughts about the school. We could see needs everywhere. Things that were obvious were the classrooms need resources and things on the walls to make it bright and interesting. The new library shelves need to be stocked with books. The boys really need beds. The list of needs is huge.

In the afternoon we watched a new dancing class with the little ones and generally viewed how everyone goes about their daily chores. When the new Girl's Dorm is built they will be able to use the Kitchen/Dining Room again. The old Girls Dorm being earmarked for additional classroom space.

Despite the needs, everyone was well cared for and happy which was wonderful. Some of the older children were home for the holidays and all seemed to be looking after the younger ones.

We now know that our financial support of Our Home is a REALLY WORTHWHILE venture to be part of. Hopefully next year Warren and I will return and be of some practical help to Our Home and in the meanwhile we will increase our support to help Chacko and everyone at Our Home as much as we can.

Warren and Lynne Packer, Brisbane.

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