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By providing a stable, loving and encouraging environment, all children are given the opportunity to develop into strong, confident, happy, contributing members of society. With this in mind we welcome visitors to experience and become part of the Our Home family and community life.


We have a consistent flow of volunteers throughout the year from all over the globe. Some stay for a week, some for a month or three and others simply visit for a day to see what's going on. Most volunteers remain in contact with Our Home and continue to support in any way they can.


Volunteers are met in the largest, closest town of Kalpetta, by a very welcoming Our Home family member and a jeep, then brought back to meet the rest of the family. If choosing to stay on the (magnificently beautiful) land with the Our Home family two clean, spacious bamboo huts (with bonus power) have been custom built for guests. Sparkling clean toilets and bathrooms are on site as are clothes washing facilities. Three incredibly delicious meals are provided a day plus copious amounts of tea.
Staying on the land provides a fantastic opportunity to become part of the daily life at Our Home. An incredibly worthwhile, insightful and rewarding experience. A donation of AU$15 per day per person covers the cost of your stay.


Our Home is a large and loving family working together with the surrounding communities to help empower the lives of the less fortunate by building a happy and secure future for them. We live, study, work, play, eat, rest, believe together. Teachers,nurses,handypersons,builders,childcare persons,artists, tradespeople,musicians,accountants,performers,mothers,martial arts experts....anyone, anything. If you are generous, enthusiastic and dedicated with your time whilst at Our Home, we welcome you.


The physical, emotional and psychological safety and wellbeing of all children is paramount. All volunteers are asked to complete a Volunteer Application Form and comply with the Our Home Code of Conduct. All visitors are subject to the discretion of Our Home Management at all times.


By volunteering anywhere we continue to increase community/ global understanding and empathy whilst offering support and encouragement in any way we can. That's got to be a good thing for the world.


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August 2013


In August 2013 I spent 2 weeks at Our Home in Kerala, India.

Within seconds of arriving I felt part of the family.
Within minutes I was being hugged and pulled and chased by children calling "Hannah Aunty, Hannah Aunty, come play, you want tea?"

This was my first time to India and my first time volunteering in a country outside of Australia....I was a little anxious as to what my role would be.

No need. I pretty quickly learned to do whatever I could, wherever I could, whenever I could. I read with the children, sang and danced with them, played new games, walked with them, ate, chatted and sat with them. I helped buy food, clothes, bricks and fuel and shared a bag full of things from home (jumbo bubble blowers being the biggest hit!)

In return (if there has to be a return), I got everything.


Take the amazing experience home with you,
keep supporting those children in your heart,
continue to help by any means you can with what you have.


Never forget our place in the world and what we can do.


Hannah Sierp, 19.




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Our Home relies entirely on the generosity of donors and ongoing sponsors who enable us to continue to care for orphaned and homeless children. Together, we form an extended Our Home Family committed to making lasting change in the lives of our children.DONATE

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Our Home Community is a grass-roots organisation established by a local Keralan, Chacko K Mathew, which provides a safe and loving family environment for approximately 40 orphans and homeless children in Southern India.

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Partner with us and help us in our cause. Every dollar that is donated goes directly to Our Home India. Rest assured your money is well spent. No matter how large or small the donation, it will make a huge difference.


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