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July 2013

The village development is moving along well. The electricity came on at the boy's home (several months ago) after living for quite some time with only candle light. A new septic tank has been installed in the boys home and also the girls home. A water tank is now collecting water for bathing at the boys home. Many thanks go to Sam from Adelaide who made these things possible.

The builders are continually working on the new girl's home and hopefully it will be finished soon. It is going to be fantastic for the girls; 10 bedrooms so there will be more privacy and much more liveable area for them all. I'm sure another celebration will be in order when they move in.

There is now permanent accommodation for volunteers at Our Home, with 2 bamboo huts finished. They are set up behind the boy's home so volunteers can stay in the community but with some privacy of their own. They are very cosy- if also welcoming to quite a few lizards and other bugs.

A new road has been built to provide safe access to the village. The majority of this road was built by the hard manual labour of the older boys. They all worked hard with much determination to achieve an excellent result. Now they are hard at work in their spare time building retaining walls to stop erosion that is starting to occur. It is a joy to watch all children pitching in to help in whatever way they can. All their hard work is done with much laughter and a true sense of team work.

A few months ago Chacko arranged for the older children to attend a youth camp for 4 days. The children were all very excited as they left for camp, backpacks on their backs and smiles on their faces. This camp was a huge success and all had a fantastic time away.

There are still many things needed to complete Our Home Village but the progress that has been made so far is truly amazing.


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Our Home Community is a grass-roots organisation established by a local Keralan, Chacko K Mathew, which provides a safe and loving family environment for approximately 40 orphans and homeless children in Southern India.

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